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Orphic Nutrition

Orphic Nutrition is a US-based nutrition and supplements brand owned by Bryce Alderson  (a former Canadian Soccer Player). The brand creates its own unique formula and offers natural supplements and multivitamins for weight loss, to boost your immune system, reduce anxiety and heal the skin.

After discussing with the brand about their expectations, we created a scope of work that suited both their needs and could complement their in-house team's expertise as well, to move faster with the changes.


UI/UX Design, Shopify Custom Development


Nutrition & Supplements

Project Head



Website Overhaul, UI, UX Design

The Problem

Orphic Nutrition was looking to upgrade its website to rebrand itself, increase traffic, add better functionality, generate more leads and improve user experience. They had a basic idea of what they wanted to look like, however, they lacked clarity.

The brand reached out to Friction Studio with some references in mind but they were unsure of all the changes their website needed in the overhaul and most importantly, why.

Upon a detailed analysis of their site’s user experience and technical parameters, we discovered that their current website design lacked in the following aspects:


Their homepage was lengthy and messy as it did not follow a clear content structure. As a result, the brand witnessed maximum drop offs from the homepage itself.


Their web pages had unclear user navigation, making it hard for visitors to find the right products.


The company site lacked branding as it did not adhere to any branding guidelines when creating its website. This damaged their marketing results and led to a loss of customer interest in the brand.


The website was visually unappealing which ultimately led to fewer visitors engaging with the site.


The website lacked design consistency leading to difficulty in navigation and bad communication of product information.


Uncategorized content on the product pages failed to put the message forward to its visitors, ultimately leading to a higher bounce rate from product pages.

The Solution

First and foremost, we conducted a site-wide content audit where we recognized the minutest of issues that were hindering the site’s user experience and conversion.  We helped the team understand the changes we were going to bring forward and divided them into 4 actionable items:

How we manage the project?

A Complete user research followed by persona-based journeys to arrive at a design that’s intuitive yet simple.

UX Design

UI Design




Structural design change

A well-thought-out website structure makes your website more user-friendly by making it easy for users to find what they are looking for. For Orphic Nutrition, we created a brand new structural design backed up with our user research and experience.



Colors & Typography

After defining the Information Architecture, we createda color palette and Typeface that resonated with the branding of Flashhouse.


Primary Font

Sharp Grotesk

Aa Bb Cc

Secondary Font


Aa Bb Cc


Primary Colors




Clear navigational flow

Clear website navigation is crucial for distinguishing your brand and acts as a roadmap to direct visitors to relevant pages on your site. It encourages the visitor to explore your site further and have an improved user experience, subsequently leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.

We designed an organized navigational flow for content on different web pages.


Visual appeal

We worked on Introducing a level of aesthetic to the site’s new design through a cleaner design layout and improved product photography.

A visually appealing design can grab a visitor’s attention and plays a crucial role in establishing brand affinity with your website’s visitors, keeping them engaged on your website. Moreover, great visual elements have the power to connect on an emotional level with your audience and make your brand memorable.




Product Content Reorganization

Finally, we categorized the content on product pages so that visitors can quickly differentiate and discover various categories of products when they land on the site.

A well-categorized product page not only benefits from an SEO standpoint and improves discoverability, but also eases a visitor’s journey on your site by helping them discover their preferred products quickly.

Full Responsive

After defining the Information Architecture, we created a color palette and Typeface that resonated with the branding of Flashhouse.

Let's hear it from the Founder & Former CEO of Orphic Nutrition...


Post the launch of their new website, Orphic Nutrition witnessed a rise in engagement and traffic on its product pages.


Increase in Online Store Sales


Reduction in Bounce Rate


Increase in Conversion Rate

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