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Anarchy is a clothing brand built on the Shopify platform. They believe in making you confident and reflect a strong persona through your clothes. They want you to feel the zeal, passion, care, and confidence built through their specialized apparel segment.

The founders of Anarchy say, "when big dreams meet unshakable passion and creativity, there is no force capable of stopping them." The same saying led them to set up and run a successful store.

Upon conducting a 360 website audit of Anarchy’s website, we proposed a set of services that could help them scale quickly and improve their overall website performance. A few of those services are:


UI/UX Design & Shopify Custom Development



Project Head



Redesigning & Smooth

The Problem

With so many emerging marketplaces, this clothing brand found it challenging to create a brand identity among the netizens.

They wanted a clean and minimal website where customers could easily navigate through all their pages, find all about the ongoing discounts, and most importantly, understand the brands' vision. We figured out the following challenges for Anarchy:


They needed an eCommerce website that could give a similar shopping experience as in-store shopping.


Unclear Information Architecture prevented users from finding what they exactly needed.


Their website lacked a visual hierarchy, leading to fewer visitors engaging with the site.


Over complicated navigation resulted in a high bounce rate. Anarchy feared a sense of getting lost in the ecommerce ecosystem.

The Solution

We created several case studies, fetched complete audit research, and conducted various competitive researches. After analyzing the complete case scenario of Anarchy, we shared the audit reports with their team and further proceeded with revamping their old website in the following manner:

How we manage the project?

A Complete user research followed by persona-based journeys to arrive at a design that’s intuitive yet simple.

UX Design

UI Design




Structural design change

We tested Anarchy's website and built various user profiles, journeys, and case stories  following which the store resulted with a perfect and clean UI, just as Anarchy wanted it. which were then applied to a navigation structure and information architecture.

We also created various focus groups and performed real-time user-testing.



Colors & Typography

After defining the Information Architecture, we created a color palette and Typeface that resonated with the branding of Flashhouse.


Primary Font

Articulat CF

Aa Bb Cc


Primary Colors




Easy navigation

Anarchy focused on how users can quickly understand the brand's motive by landing on their website. They wanted every menu and button to be highlighted and placed correctly.

With our brand-oriented revamped UI design, we were able to bring the required navigation structure and information architecture!


Minimal UI

After defining a clear brand guideline, our team adapted the site's design as per the guidelines and proposed wireframes. This helped Anarchy to communicate its brand's vision and offering more effectively.

Creating a specific brand guideline was one of our first and foremost priorities as we started to work with Anarchy.



Frictionless user experience


Upon successfully setting up the website, we tested it many times internally, and it went through multiple testing phases. After getting the thumbs up from team Anarchy, the website was launched successfully.

Since that day, we have been delivering the perfect results that AnarchyPotter Hemp looked for, and they highly appreciate our efforts in making this a success.

Full Responsive

After defining the Information Architecture, we created a color palette and Typeface that resonated with the branding of Flashhouse.

Let's hear it from the Founder of Anarchy Label...


Post the launch of their new website, Anarchy witnessed a rise in engagement and traffic on its product pages.


Increase in Online Store Sales


Reduction in Bounce Rate


Increase in Conversion Rate

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